This all natural red wine originates from the the Italian region of Umbria, often known as the country’s green heart. The average age of its vine ranges from 15-50 years. It is organically and biodynamically produced by hand and ages within a glass-lined cement tank. The 100% Ciliegiolo wine is filtering/fining free.

Alcohol content: 13.5%

Nose: An antique cellar, with hints of cherry

Taste: Balsamic cherry and blackberry

Pairs well with hearty soup, grilled meat, and aged cheese


Some items are limited, please check availability in store at The Bottle Shop Columbus or call 706.221.9697


About Collecapretta

Collecapretta sets their production rate to a mere 8000 bottle aproximate per year. All of their wines go through natural fermentation in an open-top cement containers with little climate control. All farming of the vineyard is set to a high organic standard with no sulfur being used at any point in the wine making process.

In store at The Bottle Shop Columbus. For more information visit,

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