Purity Spritz is a flavored vodka infused with natural citrus flavors of orange, bergamont, and grapfruit. It is distilled slowly 34 times for the smooth, refreshing and pure taste that puity takes pride in. This is an all natural, low calorie Spritz that is perfect for crating delicious, crowd-pleasing cocktails.


Purity Distillery

With a distilling method that has taken more than a decade toperfect,  Purity Distillery takes pride in its multi-distillation process and the pure quility of their products. Based in Southern Sweden, Purity Distillery focuses on organic ingredients and a slow distilling process to develop complex, natural flavors for every batch.


Find more recipes and information about Purity Spritz- Mediteranean Citrus here:

Purity Distillery


Purity Spritz Cocktail


  • Purity Spritz Vodka – Mediteranean Citrus
  • Champagne, Soda, or Tonic Water
  • Fresh Slice of Grapfruit
  • Ice Cubes


Fill glass halfway with Purity Spritz Vodka – Mediterranean Citrus. Mix in your choice of champagne, soda, or tonic water. Add in a couple of ice cubes and garnish with a fresh grapefruit slice. Enjoy!

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