This hand crafted spirit is made using fresh pressed 100% apple wine that is double distilled in copper pot stills.

History of Lovers is distilled to retain an intense floral aroma. Whole juniper berries are crushed with rose hips, rose water and lavendar petals. Combined with honey, orange, and citrus peel.

Copper & Kings Creative Director, Ron Jasin states “If gin was a love letter it would be this romantic. Redolent of fresh cut, richly fragrant roses, it’s ever so soft and sexy, with round red fruit sweetness. A gin to fall in love with, and to fall in love over.”

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Tasting notes

Nose: Floral scent, Rose and orange blossom
Palate/Finish: Rose hips, dried citrus peel, with a lingering finish of peppercorn

90 Proof | 45% ABV | No Artificial Color or Flavors


Rose Gin Julep


– 2 oz Copper & Kings The History of Lovers Rose Gin

– .5 oz honey syrup

– Fresh mint



In a julep cup, add honey syrup and mint. Muddle together. Fill with ice and pour the rose gin. Stir, add more ice and garnish with strawberry and mint.

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