Old Soul is a very unique blend of whiskey. Each barrel is reviewed by nose and palate. This bourbon is aged in a traditional 53-gallon, white oak barrel.

It receives its name for showing the maturity of much longer-aged bourbon. Mississippi’s southern heat plays a huge role in the aging of Old Soul. Allowing older palate notes to produce within, as seen in other longer aged bourbons.

Composed of,

– 21% Rye, 75% Corn, 4% Malted Barley

Blended within is,

– 55% Straight Bourbon, aged 4 years + 8 months

– 35% Straigt Bourbon, aged 4 years + 3 months

– 10% Straight Bourbon, aged 2 years + 1 month

Some items are limited, please check availability in store at The Bottle Shop Columbus or call 706.221.9697



Color: Light amber

Tasting Notes

The sweet smell of vanilla, reminding you of fresh baked goods. Combined with a hint of authentic leather.

Notes of rose and dried cherries leaning into toffee and baking spices.


Earthy and herbaceous. Led by a lasting rye spice flavor.

Founded in 2010 and declared Mississippi’s oldest and first legal distillery, Cathead Vodka sits in the heart of Jackson. Richard Patrick and Austin Evans, along with Master Distiller Phillip Ladner fuel their passion for fine spirits by precisely creating their products. Cathead Distillery offers a welcoming array of tastings, tours, and even event hosting.

Find more information about Old Soul here: Cathead Vodka

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